Ian (lovingboth) wrote,

Schadenfreude indeed

You'll doubtless know this already if you have any, but the biggest Bitcoin exchange has vanished due to a massive cockup and/or theft, leaving it hopelessly insolvent. The main question is... did MtGox ever actually ever get itself involved in any Magic the Gathering card trades?

Because the incompetence of the people behind it was never in question. When it started as a Bitcoin exchange, the user's password was shown as part of the URL, a level of security equivalent to putting your front door key outside under the mat, then leaving the door wide open anyway.

Despite that, some people think they've lost a pile of the things. Favourite comments, starting with how much someone had there:

Over 550 btc ((...still about $300k))

Wow... People have a lot of money.

Not anymore.

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