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Bicon questionnaire

Best thing: Having members of the 2003 team go 'how are we going to do better than this??' It'll be different, but I'm sure they'll manage.

Worst thing: The couple of weeks beforehand.

Most memorable things: The DIY Disco, from conception to conclusion. The people (even if I struggle to remember some of their names). The weather. The awards.

Most surprising thing: That it went so well. I feel a bit like Max Bialystock from The Producers. We picked a venue with two major problems (access and kitchens) and which was heavily dependent on good weather. We had a crisis that meant nothing beyond a site visit really got done until January. We let someone fail to do offline publicity until it was nearly too late. We were distracted away from planning by a couple of things that didn't really matter that much. We tried to do too much of the communication between me in London and the rest in Edinburgh by email (where we sometimes got Cross with each other) rather than by talking on the phone and in person (when we were much nicer). Where did we go right?!? :)

Best outfits: David as Hessie on Saturday, Anna Maria throughout the weekend. Others too numerous to remember all of them.

Number of people you thought were cute but didn't have the courage to say: Courage, none. Time, oh lots, probably including you :) (update: confession - the link's an LJ/HTML trick, but it really probably is true as none of the three main exceptions have LJs to my knowledge)

Number of nights spent not alone: all of them - but that's down to Jo Anna.

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