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Hello world

"I personally would love to see [..] and Ian W (why isn't he here, I wonder) [..]" said purplerabbits about a month ago.

She also asked me why not on Friday.

Well, the main reason is that given the choice between doing something useful and reading or theatreing or helping with an orgasm (mine or someone else's), the reading / theatreing / orgasms win every time.

And I sometimes wonder why I don't have a paying job at the moment... Certainly any time I post here is a time I Really Should Be Doing Something Else.

The main thing to warn readers about is that it's highly likely that there will be long gaps between entries. Hell, I've got another diary-like thing somewhere that really needs updating, but the reading / theatreing / orgasms just keep getting in the way.

Four today, by the way. Two mine, two for someone else.

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