Ian (lovingboth) wrote,

A tale of three bets

An email list I am on tipped three World Cup offers:

Chile with Coral (money back if Brazil or Argentina win)

Hmm, as those two are the clear favourites, this has a reasonable chance of being a free bet. OK, Chile are in a tough group to get out off (they're with Spain and Holland) but that means the odds are good given their form. Registering with Coral is no problem - apart from their strange insistence that passwords be no longer than ten characters - and I go with each-way, i.e. I win if Chile get to the final and more if they win.

Neymar for top goal scorer with Paddy Power (£5 free bet every time your choice scores)

Hmm, the best striker in the favourite team and one that goes for attack. Registering with PP is no problem and, again, each way means I win if he's at least fourth best. As a bonus for joining and placing a bet, I get four free £5 bets. OK, £5 on Chile not getting out of their group (helps cover the Coral bet); France either do well or don't turn up, so another £5 on them not getting out; and Argentina to win (better value than Brazil). Hmm, what else...

Argentina to win with Ladbrokes (money back if Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar or Suarez finish as top scorer)

Hmm, well it's highly likely to be one of them, so this also has a good chance of being a free bet. Registering with them is... a problem. The money goes into a casino games account rather than a sports bet one, and I can't transfer the money. The bonus - it's unclear from the ad in the Metro exactly what it is, but there should be one - doesn't appear either.

While I am waiting for their online help to respond, I miss the special offer of 20/1 on Neymar for top scorer (twice their normal 10/1) because the game has started. Humpf. Croatia then score..

.. so I use the last £5 bet with PP to bet on Brazil winning that game because the odds have suddenly got a lot better :)

.. and the Ladbrokes help is still messing around while I miss the odds reaching 4/1 against Brazil winning overall at one point. By the time they've sorted it, Brazil have equalised - with Neymar scoring! - and there is no reason to do anything with them and I withdraw the money.

Brazil go on to win - including another Neymar goal!* - so I have already got more than half the PP money back, Neymar is already on two, and I have two more free bets.

* With a dubious penalty and he could/should have gone off before the first one, but I am not complaining :)

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