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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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Net query
mini me + poo
Which registrar would be good to transfer a domain or two (both .com and .co.uk) to?

I now use 123-reg.co.uk to register domains, but the cost of transferrng to them is taking the piss.

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Thanks, but as a UK citizen, I get stung for the sales tax, and they don't do .co.uk

if you're talking about the charge for tag changes on the .co.uk, is wait until they detag for non-payment, then move.

I keep some of my on our own tag (NOMINET), which unfortunately isn't open to you, and others on COMMUNITY.

Taking a risk though, isn't it? What's to stop someone else registering it first, especially with the .coms where it can take a month or so before it becomes available again?

Dangerous for the .com and other GTLD's, but not for the .co.uk We typically take more than 4 months to cancel for non-payment, and in some cases up to 2 years! We also suspend for 6-8 weeks before cancellation, giving ample warning.

As an example in the *strictest confidence*, see the whois for writersworld.co.uk - payment was due end of Jan, the ISP detagged early Feb, we still haven't even suspended :0)


Er, this is a public entry...

Yes, but it's causing us major hassles and I really shouldn't draw it to anyone's attention...

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