Ian (lovingboth) wrote,

Becoming Scotland's next top mistress has a price...

After BiCon, I had a great time in Edinburgh while JA was at Quaker summer school. I had forgotten how much I love the Edinburgh Fringe - see the posts at Theatre Reviews.

I had also forgotten that spending lots of time in often under-ventilated rooms with strangers from around the world can lead to catching things!

So I brought back something that led to a bad sore throat. Fortunately, it only started to develop on my last day there, but my maximum length of any bit of sleep over the past 72 hours has been about two hours. You can get an idea of how poorly I looked on Tuesday in the way that when she saw me, L stopped being annoyed that I hadn't put some washing out and sent me back to bed.

Fortunately, now I'm just wincing slightly rather than whimpering every time I swallow, but my food intake over that time has been about three yogurts and, yesterday evening, some home-made gazpacho (never mind the vitamins etc, it's cold and blended... and I'm having some more now).

My voice has been affected in that when I can talk, it's become very, very deep but usually, it's much easier to whisper. I am trying to remember when I had a similar voice problem that lasted for many weeks and ended up getting a referral to hospital. It was probably in the 1990s, because I was at the flat in Harrow.

While I was in bed, I did look up some more about the acts I'd enjoyed and, argh, one of them presumably deliberately misquoted a friend as part of trying to demonise them. I don't think they've changed their mind over the issue in question either...

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