Ian (lovingboth) wrote,

The day I had hoped to postpone for as long as possible is here

JA has a better phone than I do.

She has been after a smartphone for a while, despite the advantages of her 'feature phone', a Nokia Asha that looks like a Blackberry with its alphanumeric keyboard. The money was got from her savings account while we were in London.

I was already thinking of the Moto E as being the perfect power/price point, and I was delighted when it turned out that it was particularly cheap at Virgin - £49.99 for people who already have a Virgin SIM, cheaper than I remembered.

But when it arrived, it turned out that I had missed a bit of the spec: it uses a microSIM rather than the normal size one. So, because I wasn't about to start cutting the existing one up, a new one was ordered.

The other thing that needed to be ordered was a case - the one thing that's kept my Desire looking like it's new despite being dropped more than once is the case. And that arrived this afternoon.

Once I had finally got the back cover off the Moto E (it's not easy), the new SIM and old microSD were inserted. A 'ready' text from the old phone to Virgin got the new SIM activated and...

JA has a better phone than I do.

Annoyingly, even if I had the money at the moment (which I don't) the low price at Virgin has gone, and it's about £20 more now.

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