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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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Spam du Jour 2
mini me + poo
I've seen a theory that spam emails are written deliberately badly so that only really gullible people respond to them. Like this:
From: Gabrielle Moroles term @ nephrotic.co.uk

We regret to inform you that your employment with Ricardo UK Ltd is being terminated. Your termination is the result of the following violations of company policy:
- EBC 5 24.05.2011
- EBC 66 24.05.2011
- EBC 97 24.05.2011

You were issued written warnings on 21.08.2014. As stated in your final warning, you needed to take steps to correct your behavior by 15.09.2014. Your failure to do so has resulted in your termination. To appeal this termination, you must return written notification of your intention to appeal to Yuriko Smeby in Ricardo UK Ltd no later than 07:00PM on 18.09.2014.

Gabrielle Moroles

Attached: dodgy ARJ file

So.. someone you've never heard of, emailing from an address you've never got email from before and which has nothing to do with the content of the email, says that you're losing the job you know you don't have, talking about a written warning you know you didn't have, and asking you to reply in writing to someone else you'd never heard of at the company you'd never heard of, via opening an attachment of a sort you've probably never heard of. Just how gullible do you have to be??

Oh, yes, I remember the person at ex-work who got an email 'from' himself with an attachment he knew he didn't send, but who opened it 'to see what it was'. I can't be too rude about him: when everyone else was made redundant or left, he was the only one who survived there...

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Wow, Ricardo UK Ltd has sacked you too?

They really are having a purge...

I think it's only spam that is a front for a Nigerian scam (or similar) that benefits from screening out the non-gullible. Spam that's trying to get you to click on malware simply wants you to click on the malware - it doesn't require the victim to do anything more than run it.

I've been slightly alarmed at how good the spam coming in to my work account is. It's not hard to target Exchange shops with convincing-looking 'mailbox full' or 'account locked' messages. And academics with an international profile do have a genuine need to deal with incoming email from unknown foreign sources with non-native English and a request that only makes proper sense when you visit the website or open the attachment. It's a wonder that any university isn't hopelessly compromised.

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