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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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I'm not sure what this says about me
mini me + poo
While doing other stuff on the computer, I'm watching the LibDem conference, starting with Saturday.

Simon Hughes' speech on civil liberties (1h27m to 1h51m in the iPlayer file) is, as ever with him, well worth a watch. He also thanks someone a namesake of someone several of you know.

In a debate about the party constitution, there's someone I was in the Union of Liberal Students with, now with even less hair than me.

And during that debate, there's a comment by one of the delegates that a proposal risks the party being 'democracy (only) for the rich'. The person the coverage cuts to at 2h33m... that's Edward Lord, isn't it?

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I think the person Simon names (and you just made me watch his speech all the way through to find out!) is not the one you're thinking of but another of the same name.

"Isn't there anyone in this party who isn't called David?"

You should be ashamed of yourself for not having seen it already :)

How many people named G.P. are there in the LibDems, then?!

Re: "Isn't there anyone in this party who isn't called David?"

Two notably active ones not very far apart in That London who are often confused with one another. The one more likely to be being thanked at that point will be the one who is a lawyer and on the FPC, who I would think you are less likely to know.

I admit, it'll take quite a bit for the current leadership of the LibDems or Labour to win me back as a potential supporter. Tragic, in a way, as the membership of both seems much as it's always been - it appears to be primarily the heads of both that have been seemingly irrevocably transplanted with Conservatives. Zero hour contracts, a nifty runaround minimum wage legislation, with the recent "emergency" legislation enthusiastically supported by all three, in order to avoid admitting the nasty contradiction of a job that's a job that reduces the unemployed count, but not a job which enjoys statutory minimum wage protection. Add on "terrorism" legislation, TTIP, Iraq et al.. they're really not doing much of a job convincing me they're even distinct parties.

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