Ian (lovingboth) wrote,

The day I had hoped to postpone for as long as possible is here 2

I've now got a Moto E too. Although Virgin haven't had another sale on them, someone was selling an 'as new' one on Amazon for basically the same price and there's somewhere I can sell the Desire to for not much less than that.

As Virgin were quicker in sending the micro SIM than I expected, I can say that it works very nicely and is quite remarkable value for fifty quid. My main quibble is that the on/off button is a bit small and - when in a case - isn't as easy to push as the one on the Desire (plus most third party ROMs also used the optical trackball as another 'on' button).

Next time, I'll try to wait until I have another microSD card because it looks like the backup of the one I reused from the Desire doesn't look as if it was complete. Nothing serious has been lost, but it's annoying not to have a complete backup of it all.

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