Ian (lovingboth) wrote,

Why is it that firms that can't send email correctly, can't receive it correctly either?

The usual failing for the latter is not accepting postmaster@ email. That one goes back to RFC822 in 1982:
This standard specifies a single, reserved mailbox address (local-part) which is to be valid at each site. .. "Postmaster@domain" is required to be valid.

The latest bunch of losers are The Works, who send their marketing emails properly but not the rather more important order acknowledgement and - what I was missing - the 'it's ready to collect' ones: they're 'from' somewhere that doesn't match the IP address they're sent from. As that's what loads of spambots do, such email gets blocked by lots of places.

(The other annoying bunch are the ones who do the equally important 'here's your ticket' email for the local arts cinema. They ignore the 'MUST' in 'must retry' sending emails that get a 'not ready at the moment' message from the destination mail server.)

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