Ian (lovingboth) wrote,

Been enjoying Cucumber? (spoiled)

Yes, me too.

There's been lots to enjoy, including plenty of positive - though not perfect - gay men. Some scenes are wonderful: I particularly liked the scene in the bar in ep1 where they were using their phones to look at the Gaydar/Grindr profile of one of the waiters. What straight writer is going to get that? One of the plot points is the main gay male couple not having anal sex. (In any given year, only about 80% of men with one male partner do - oral is the almost universal sex act between men.)

Then came ep3. There's a bisexual man in it. Without watching the first two episodes again, I think he's the first and only - some of the young men have talked about having done stuff with girls, but they're definitely presented as gay. (This episode also has a couple of straight-identified young men willing to be topless and kiss each other to get money from YouTube ads from middle age gay men - trust me, it's another highlight.)

But back to the one bisexual man... It's not clear whether he self-identifies as such, but he's married to a woman and has a small child with her. As portrayed, it is extremely unlikely that he's out as bisexual. And, oh yes, he's cheating on her, he's a teacher who's fucked male pupils, and when asked by an ex-pupil that he's fucking to swap roles, he angrily rejects that. WTF?!?

It's not COMPLETE AND UTTER BISEXUAL FAIL - he is shown as checking the ex-pupil is ok at every stage of their fuck, for example - but it's not far off. If there were a dozen bisexual men, fine. But the one and only??

It had better get a fuck of a lot better next week.

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