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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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Remind me never to use UPS again
mini me + poo
While he was in Boston at the start of January, I had something delivered to L21 for him to bring back for me. Hmm, he's not around in London when I am and he's not coming near me any time soon, so how to get it to me?

Ah, book a courier. All he needs to do is print off the pre-paid label, stick it on the package, and he can drop it off at a collection point round the corner from him.

Where do I want it sent to, though? At the time this was being thought about, I was going to be out most days, so waiting at home wasn't ideal.

Ah, UPS deliver to their collection points. Great, I'll use the one in town that's best for me.

Now part of the delay is that it took him a while to do something as simple as print, stick, take...

... but I am not at all happy that it looks like UPS have decided that they know which collection point is best for me. Not the one I have used in the past, for the reason that it's easily the most convenient one, but one that's slightly closer on the map... in the opposite direction from everything else. And, because it's open later, one that they still haven't bothered to visit today. Grrr.

If I had wanted that one, it would have been the one on the sodding label as the place to deliver to.

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Phone them up and tell them to deliver to the one requested and you'll have a refund for the fail kthx...?

It is slightly complicated by the way that I used a third party to get them (it was cheaper than going direct...)

As it turned out, despite the tracking page saying "A delivery change for this package is in progress. / Reroute to an alternate UPS Access Point™ for delivery and customer collection" and talking about the other one as the destination, they actually delivered it to the right one.

Next question: what's the point of a tracking page that lies to you?

Cos they don't really give a shit, it's faux-shit-giving. Makes people FEEL reassured but the data is so rubbish...

What - they actually did the right thing? Egad. Sure you're not in the Matrix?

And why is it only DPD appear able to offer this remarkable concept of a time of delivery? A one hour slot, versus everyone else's "eh, dunno. Sometime today."

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