Ian (lovingboth) wrote,

Been enjoying Cucumber? (spoiled) 2

It's been two small steps forward, one giant leap back really.

After my first complaint about the representation of bisexuality, we've had the young 'anything that moves' Freddie go on a date with Anna. I thought his description of the difference between dates with men and women hilariously accurate... and I loved her response. It's a 'things not happening in bed' episode, so the outcome was ok and not too unbelievable.

There's also been more of the 'we don't care about labels' schoolboys doing their lip-syncing videos and kissing in order to make more money. The consequences of one set of the videos was nicely done.

Then we got to ep6.

I was out - seeing an OK touring version of Barber of Seville - last Thursday. I saw Sharon's tweet, so I knew something had happened. And when I got around to watching it last night, the opening sequence makes it obvious that Lance is going to die in the course of the episode. He's shown as having a girlfriend at one point in his teenage years.

I thought it was going to be murder - rather than, oh, heart attack or traffic accident - while Lance and Daniel were masturbating. When it got to Daniel offering to go down on Lance, I knew it was going to happen, and the only question was how awful the portrayal was going to be.

Very. We didn't need to get to the 'fuck me' bit for it to be high melodrama. Killing off a leading character via murder is always going to be dramatic.*

But after 'bisexual = child abusing cheat', we now have 'bisexual = obnoxious self-loathing murderer' with a side order of 'just a phase'.

And there was no warning about flashing images either...

* If not entirely credible: I don't believe in ghosts, but if I had one telling me to go home, now, I'd listen. Especially if the alternative were someone like Daniel.

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