Ian (lovingboth) wrote,

Meet the old boss, better than the new boss

While I'm talking about old stuff being better than the new..

.. the Horror channel have been showing some of the very best of the classic Dr Who stories recently. Especially for the ones from the Tom Baker era, these show why I've never liked the new version: stories spread out over as many episodes as they deserve, with cliff-hangers, are better than 'we have to start, develop and finish this in 50 minutes' ones.

.. I see ITV4 are using Clive Everton as a snooker commentator. He's not been part of the BBC's World Championship coverage for years now, ever since they ditched everyone who's not an ex-top 16 player. Some of those are very good: Hendry, Davies, Taylor, Thorne, and Virgo* bring loads of value to the microphone. But not all of them do and at least one is almost an embarrassment. Clive knows as much as anyone about the game and is a great commentator, especially with a more informal one for 'colour'. If only he had been a better player...

* That's definitely in decreasing order of playing success, and probably increasing order of commentating ability, although it's always amusing to hear Stephen's 'I'd have won this by now...'-style comments.

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