Ian (lovingboth) wrote,

I really don't watch much TV

Apart from the recently mentioned House of Cards 3 and some classic Who, this is more or less it for drama and comedy.

I saw a repeat of the first Plebs by accident and liked it so much that I saw the rest. It's a 'poor people in ancient Rome' sitcom, with the two poor Romans (and their slave) trying to have sex with the poor Briton (and her slave) in the same tenement block and almost anything else that moves. The production values are particularly good: it was made at a permanent Rome set in an Bulgarian studio complex. If only I, Claudius had had that...

The second series of Bluestone 42 ended with a huge cliff-hanger, resolved that in the first episode of series three and has then taken a huge risk with the second... I wonder how it will work out, because they have a very high standard to match.

Speaking of third series, that of The Americans is managing to be even better than the first two. It's a disgrace that ITV decided not to buy it.

Better Call Saul is also very very good. In both cases, we know the final result - the KGB do not win the Cold War and we know at least three characters from the latter are going to survive to make it into Breaking Bad - but the journeys are done with real respect for the viewers' intelligence and attention span.

Not yet done, but I will: Wolf Hall.

Was the second series of Broadchurch any good?

Anything else? I've seen the first episode of Powers despite it being a superhero show. I'm wondering if it will be worth watching. I'm looking forward to a second series of Fargo, the ninth (and last, sniff) series of Peep Show and it'd be good if there was another Episodes.

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