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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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I blame Tony Blair
mini me + poo
Not for the usual reasons but because of the failure to introduce PR when he had the power to do so following 1997. He had said he would, of course.

But Labour went 'Oooh, we've won big' and preferred the certainty of giving the Tories absolute power on just over a third of the vote in future to the certainty of having to share power themselves.

If there are any Labour MPs who would oppose electoral reform, can they please move to Scotland, now?

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I'm not sure PR would materially improve this election outcome. We'd probably have a Tory plus UKIP coalition on this vote share, which I for one think would be much worse.

Hmm, depends on the system and how much people's voting changes with it.

Voting here was pointless, for example, and I don't know what people would do if it wasn't.

This, I suspect, lies behind Lord Ashcroft's newfound passion for electoral reform. I'd naturally still support some form of proportional representation, regardless, both out of fairness and the fact that it would open the gates to a great deal more political diversity (in my case, the Greens).

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