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What happens when people don't accept bisexuality

I regularly look at what's free on Amazon Kindle's store and get the ones on sexuality. Usually, they are rubbish - badly translated / written stuff more suited to a magazine article typically - but there are some gems.

I knew when I saw the title that Freedom From Black Male Homosexuality Through Divine Masculine Impartation: Freedom Awaits You! would be bad, but... wow.

According to Mr Prophet, homosexuality is a plague - for men, anyway, he doesn't seem to have anything against sex between women - and the cure is "impartation".

What's that? It's "when a man imparts his heterosexual spirit unto a gay man through non-homosexual man-on-man anal sex."

So, the 'cure' for being gay is to be shagged by straight men. A lot. (We're warned a couple of times that "multiple impartation sessions may be required".)

There's a helpful list of places where there are church chapters, including London, but before you sign up to shag men in a non-homosexual way, you need to know the qualifications for membership include "Be willing to be imparted by higher ranking Elders at least 5 times per month". It keeps the spirit strong, apparently, and you'll need to be on the receiving end for at least six months before you get to do any shagging.

Once you've done that, though, you have to do at least fifteen "impartations" a month.

Oh, did I mention all this shagging is done without condoms? "The tender, moist anal walls of the black man are lined with porous tissues that accept the seed of the imparter". Or, in other words, like all rectums, they're prime sites for acquiring any STIs your partner may have.

There's a claimed membership of 250,000, up from a mere 10,000 back in 1997 - what are you waiting for??

A search for 'temple of black masculinity' finds this from 2010:
I am a black male that God has given a special gift to. Like the Etoro tribesmen of New Guinea, I am 100% heterosexual but I have sex with other men for spiritual reasons. When I ejaculate in man’s rectum, I impart my spiritual essence and strength to this man. I’ve tried to explain this to the women I date but they accuse me of being either bisexual or homosexual. They don’t understand that this is a spiritual mission and does not make me any less heterosexual or good marriage material. I belong to the Temple of Black Masculinity, we are over 45,000 deep and we follow the writings of Prophet Masculinity that teaches us that this gift is sacred and should be honored, However, many of us find that women simply don’t appreciate or make an effort to understand.

Do you have any advice on how we can make women better understand?

It's probably the author...

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