Ian (lovingboth) wrote,

"What... what seems to be the problem?" "Death."

My Nexus 7 tablet has been getting slower recently. Clearly accepting the Android 5.1.x updates was a bad idea, not least because it meant a /system partition so full that there was no space for a trim command.*

So I have been giving serious consideration to replacing its ROM with a third party one that has less bloat and more speed. With something like the Nexus, there are plenty of options.

But obviously doing it just before BiCon would be silly.

It was working, but occasionally annoyingly slow there, but last night started to 'bootloop'. It crashes to a restart, shows its silly animated 'I'm starting up' display, gets to the initial 'swipe to use' lock screen and then... crashes to restart. Repeat until the battery gives up (or, as it was charging, forever).

Fortunately, I had long ago rooted it and installed a very nice recovery program, known as TWRP for short. This can wipe partitions and install new ROMs etc. Combined with the equally nice Nexus Root Tool Kit running on a PC, it meant that installing a new ROM should be no problem.

And, yes, it will happily wipe and reformat the various partitions and upload and write to them the new files... except that even though they appear to work, they don't. No matter how, or how many times, I wipe / reformat the /data partition for example, all my stuff is still there. (Obviously, I have backups of anything I need!)

What's the current 'one hand' Android tablet of choice? What's the modern Nexus 7, in other words?

* Flash memory works in an interesting way, and unless something is done, every so often its controller needs to sit and have a think about which bits are in use and which can be reused. Especially if the memory is fairly full - and in a tablet without an SD card slot and not much memory, it often is - that can make it seem very slow. Doing a trim says 'do that now' and thus avoids the delay for a while.

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