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I've occasionally recommended programs featured as part of Amazon's very long running 'Free (Android) App of the Day' promotion, especially when there were about twenty available for special weekends. A quick look at my list of available programs suggests it was going for at least three years in the UK, but it's now over.

The replacement is 'Amazon Underground', a program with a horrendous list of required permissions which enables you to download and play other programs for free, including not paying for any downloadable content.

Sadly, the currently available list of about 500 of them contains very little that is desirable and nothing that's essential, especially if you've been following the FAotD.

The slight upside is that the creators will actually get paid (per minute you use them, hence the reason for some of those permissions) rather than being expected to be part of the FAotD for nothing.

But there needs to be better content in the list. The FAotD wasn't always great - out of about a thousand of them, I currently only have about thirty actually installed - but I could only spot one of those thirty in the current lineup.

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