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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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Two bargains
mini me + poo
IndieGala currently has the Deponia 'point and click adventure' trilogy for a very low price. If you ever did any of the Lucasarts games, you probably want this especially as it runs on Linux/OS X/Windows.

JA went to a small 'end of the holidays' party on Wednesday. It was at a friends' in Grantham, so I insisted we leave early enough for me to have a quick look around the charity shops there. One of them had a 'three discs for £1' offer. There weren't any DVDs I wanted, but there were three CDs. Paying for them, I noticed that there was a Buster Keaton box set behind the counter. I asked how much that was, and was told that it wasn't in the offer, it was... £2.

Yes please.

It's a Chinese edition, and although the disks are professionally produced, I am not sure how genuine it is but as the films are all over 75 years old, I am not worried about anyone missing out on royalties. The nine disks have the nineteen shorts and eleven features he did for his own studio, plus a few others.

I may be some time.

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