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You may have heard of the book 'Threesome'

... which causes great amusement amongst many people by promising it "teaches women how to arrange and enjoy any combination of attractive men and willing women. Girlfriends discover how to seduce each other without fear of embarrassment or rejection. Men are taught to delicately and sensitively fan their lover's secret passions and lead their wives onto new frontiers."

In particular, it's this passage that makes everyone I know go 'you what?!?'

"Learn exactly what to say and when to say it for maximum impact. More importantly, Lori warns you how to avoid words and actions that instantly squelch bisexual desire. As a free bonus, she offers you the secret code words that bi women use to identify new partners."


Well, it looks like naughty Lori (and the person who wrote the blurb) was fibbing. Check out the reader reviews, putting the lowest rating first: "Also, there is a promise of a secret code. The book fails to deliver any such code or even suggest what the code is or how it might work."

And another: "After reading the book, I subscribed to the Bi-line Network [which doesn't show up in google]. After completing a book-sized very personal questionaire I never heard another word."

Hmm, sounds as if she's getting the punters to pay to join an organisation with a couple of codewords they can put in their personal ads or drop into conversation. And then not delivering. Naughty.

Mind you, not all the readers are exactly smart:

We have planned to have more of our encounters but of course we have to keep our experiences silent because we woundn't want too many people finding out...

... says jford@uclink4.ucla.edu from Westwood, CA
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