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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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You can pay for a gay escapade
mini me + poo
Along with someone else, I do websites for escorts. Confidentiality is a Big Thing in this market, and one thing that's been useful is taking payments via Amazon gift certificates. You can only spend the money at Amazon, but that's not been any sort of problem.

Their big feature in this context is that they're anonymous: if you don't add a note, there's no clue as to who sent it to your email address...

... until recently, when Amazon have started adding what they think the sender is called, in the same way that PayPal have always done.

I'll probably continue accepting them - my Amazon spend is not zero, cough, and no-one cares about having Amazon appear on bank statements etc - but is there a useful, simple and stable anonymous remote payment method left?

Some people use mobile top-ups, but my mobile spend is zero plus the five or six quid a month for data plus more calls than I use. Bitcoin's lack of stability rules that out, plus there are too many steps involved. PayPal is possible, but I'd prefer something that doesn't do refunds.

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Someone did that a few months ago, to prove to themselves that the email didn't have any details in it, but I strongly suspect that Amazon will now still invite the redeemer to thank who it thinks the original purchaser is.

The other classic option is a pre-pay debit card, but those tend to come with silly fees.

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