Ian (lovingboth) wrote,

What the squat? 2

It looks like bicon2005.org.uk expired in 2007. It was then used by someone to appear to have a page apparently about a data recovery disk, but which actually had the (obfuscated) javascript:

document.write('<div style="position:absolute;left:-9000px;top:-9000px">');

.. hiding something off the screen?

Then in 2010, it started showing the text from old front page plus "There are many sites on the net for gay men and women - too many in fact! We would encourage all our readers to check out the reviews before joining any to make sure they're not being duped. These lesbian dating sites (link to website) have been thoroughly reviewed and come highly recommended by the people at No1Reviews.com. Sign up for free in order to perform searches in your local area and see who's online right now!"

.. before claiming to be a site for 'Building Industry Conference 2005' (yeah, right, a 2005 conference getting a 2005-name domain in 2010...) that was really there for a couple of links for new car leases, complaint.co.uk and carpet fitters. By the next year, it was pushing mortgages in Spain (good luck with that!) but the people paying for the latter spam links obviously stopped paying (unshock) because those disappeared by 2012, leaving just house-related ones.

.. before claiming to be 'Bitcon Expo 2005' a bit later, but still saying "Your house defines who you are. Let the Identity be strong. Providing construction services that stay true to your expectations" etc.

Sadly, although that site's still there, the advertised phone number is dead, so I can't ask WTF and who they paid.

Oh, and 2005.bicon.org.uk is now live :) Again, the formatting isn't right, but trying to recreate the output of a content management system you're not familiar with without the source to the site isn't easy. Given that the same person did both, it's probable that 2009.bicon.org.uk should look more like this one, but...

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