Ian (lovingboth) wrote,

Change for the sake of it

I once did a 'whose lecture are you in' guide, in case of waking up in the middle of it and not remembering. Now the Marshmallow update for the 2014 Moto G has finally arrived, my phone is now fully up to date with... 6.0.0 patch date 1st Jan 2016.

Anyway, a recent history of Android versions, AKA how to tell which one you've got.


Your clock looks like this:



That was clearly too easy to read, so your clock looks like this:


Much more stylish - who cares that it's not as clear?


Perhaps someone did, but rather than return to Kit-Kat's clarity, your clock looks like this:


Chunky... Anyone want to bet that it won't change yet again with Nutella?

Some other stuff might have changed too. The one thing that would be really useful - removing crap you'll never, ever need from the system without rooting the phone (and losing stuff that's not backed up*) and using a custom ROM - isn't there.

* Which, I recently discovered by accident,** includes all your text messages. WTF those aren't synced to your account, I don't know. There's no obvious way to do it in the Motorola Messenger app either.

** On someone else's phone. They weren't amused.

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