Ian (lovingboth) wrote,

Marshmallow and poo: both are sticky...

I upgraded (sic) to Android 6 aka Marshmallow recently and I am somewhat regretting it. Two issues in particular are annoying:

1. You can turn off audible alerts for any app. (I seem to remember being able to do so in Lollipop, but maybe that was turning their notifications off.)

But how do I stop wi-fi alerts ('sign in to..' or, happening quite a lot in Greece, ones about losing actual internet) making a noise? There's no corresponding app to say STFU to.

2. You can format an SD card and use it as internal memory. Great. The downside is that you lose the contents and I have quite a bit on the SD card that I don't want to lose, so it needs backing up. But as part of that change, it looks like how USB access works has changed. I can see, using a file manager where the files I want to copy are, but I can't - because of where they are - copy them. I also can't properly see stuff that is on the SD card when I set USB access to MTP (i.e. treat the phone as a USB stick) but some of it appears in allegedly 'internal storage' rather than 'SD card'.

Oh, I could remove the SD card and copy using an SD card reader, but as they've lost the 'move to SD card' option in Settings / Storage & USB, I can't get stuff from the real internal storage onto the SD card first.

So am I expected to turn off the phone, remove the SD card, copy that, turn on the phone, hope that it works despite several apps having important stuff on the now missing SD card, and it will magically be visible?

Clearly, you're being expected to either use the SD card as storage for something or format it and do the new Marshmallow pretend internal memory thing. (Oooh, the chance to lose random stuff when an SD card fails...) What that completely ignores is that the vast majority of Marshmallow users are people like me whose kit was running an earlier version and have SD cards used in the way that they enabled which is neither of those two.

We're left with being unable to copy everything from the SD card to internal memory before doing a format as a) it might not work - I have an indispensable app with data on the SD card and I really do not want to find that it will only work there / loses data if it is moved and b) it won't fit: that's one big reason for having it on the SD card!

Having lost one set of text messages recently, I am also not about to lose another (mine). Are they on the SD card? Where? Dunno.


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