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On the other hand, that's quite quick compared to some things

It was at a bisexual activists weekend in Manchester back in April 2005 that someone made a comment about being 'bi-furious' rather than 'bi-curious' and everyone else laughed.

At some point that afternoon, I registered bifurious.co.uk.* (I also got bi-furious.co.uk but that just ends up at the same site.)

And now, a mere eleven and a bit years later, I've finally got around to starting to use it. I nearly started two years ago: a smug comment about it taking less than a decade has been deleted, as has a conceit about having users called '(first name) Stavro Blofeld' – I had a lovely Photoshopped GIMPed picture of me stroking a white cat – and using the lyrics of songs from Paul Williams' Phantom of the Paradise soundtrack.

But it's now up and a place for me to be cross about biphobia, erasure and other such stuff. At some point, I'll do some back posts, particularly around the past behaviour of Stonewall.

If you'd like an account so you can be cross there too, let me know.

* I can remember the where and the when, but I can't remember how – it was about three years before I had an Eee-PC netbook and five years before I had a smartphone. Perhaps the centre we were at had some internet connected PCs available.

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