Ian (lovingboth) wrote,

British priorities made clear, again

Currently, the fourth most read story on the BBC news website is a story about Sainsbury's removing their 'taste the difference' sandwiches from their 'meal deal'. You don't get a fork with the pasta options either, which seems a bit silly unless they're going to be supplied separately, as in M&S.

This is beating stories about the Met Police starting to use 'spit hoods' over the heads of suspects in police stations – doubtless we'll see more ones like this, on police using one on a 12 year old disabled girl – and Keith Vaz resigning as the chair of Parliament's Home Affairs select committee.

There's a fascinating discussion on supermarket sandwiches on Reddit started by someone who claims to work for the company that Sainsbury's have stopped using.. and Boots have started. (Obs warning that people on Reddit may not be who they say they are.)

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