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Thinking about sources of money... what bits of electronic equipment are not currently possible because of the lack of cheap but serious processing power? It'd need to be reasonably simple, given the cpu power, and desirable enough to sell a million or so. You can have a TV output and a USB port on it. And a CPU that can do 600 MIPS but costs a couple of dollars.

If I look at what I do that needs crunch power, there's chess, but that wouldn't sell enough - 99.999+% of the chess players in the world can't beat the current portable chess computers.

Real-time MPEG-4 video encoding would be good, but you'd need too many other things (video grabbing h/w etc)

A portable audio recorder that does real-time MP3 encoding would be possible - use it as a portable (dictation, meetings, bootlegs etc) and attach it to a PC via the USB.

Paul, anything in the cryptography line? Phone scramblers don't need that much crunch, and I doubt there's the market for something to break codes the hard way (although it'd pay well)

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