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Films on (British) TV

Tonight 1:05 am BBC2: Phantom of the Paradise. When cinemas had a double-bill of Rocky Horror Picture Show and something else, this was often the other one. An update of Phantom of the Opera, complete with manufactured bands doing the same song in different ways. Extremely wonderfully silly, the main problem is the ending, which you'll see from the credits was done by someone other than the main director, Brian de Palma.

Once you hear the line 'I'm under contract too', you can go to bed. All you'll miss is 'An assassination, live on TV, coast to coast? That's entertainment!'

Jules, one of the songs starts: 'Carburetors, man, that's what life's all about...'

Tomorrow night: the choice is Casino (10pm Ch4) Scorsese and the mob on form vs Rasputin (12:10am BBC2) with Alan Rickman.

Thursday night: The Real Linda Lovelace (10pm Ch4) vs the start of the third series of League of Gentlemen (10pm BBC2). Argh, the agony...

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