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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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mini me + poo
Why is Iraq's programme to acquire weapons of mass destruction "illegal", but Israel's is not? (Or if it is, why does no-one care?)

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Re: Cos they are Jewish...

Are India and Pakistan Jewish as well? Because last I heard, they had nuclear weapons programs. Those Jews are clever aren't they? And so rich, too.

Re: Cos they are Jewish...

India and pakistan act without the backing and the effective carte blanche of the US Government.
Plus, they have been smart enough to develop their own nuclear program, and lucky enough to have their own uranium mines aswell... Something, IIRC the Israelis dont!

As to rich - Well - they are a damn site better off than the Indian & Pakistani forces.

Re: Cos they are Jewish...

There are five million Jews in Israel. Five million, that's all. And roughly that many in the U.S.

What do you think would happen to them (Israelis) without a strong standing army and nuclear capability?

More to the point, what do you think should happen to them? Seriously.

Re: Cos they are Jewish...

Heh - Well - I think the GDP spent on military hardware would put other countries to shame...
They would suffer a mutually assured distruction. Where is the fall out from a nuke gonna go? Over themselves - So I don't worry too much about nukes...

The main instigators of the "wars" going on down there just seem to be the Israeli's vs. the muslims...

Cos barring say Syria, and Iran / Iraq, just about every other country down there needs their economy and tourism.

End of the day - The fault is that of the british government for "making" israel in the first place.
(but its turning into the same fiasco as Zimbabwe) - All "good" while they were there - and all goes to hell when they leave. (Getting "rid" of them as I see it - making it someone else's problem!)

As to what should happen to Israel - Ideally??

That they all put down the guns and co-exist. Stop trying to be holier than thou to each other - the muslims and the jew - Cos dont worry - If you think I am "anti-semetic" - I can just as easily tear into the Muslim farce.
(but that kind of belief system is clueless - cos we are human- and will always find ways to divide, rather than unite ourselves!!)

So - there is no ideal solution to Israel - you can't unearth them.
You can do your best to stop them expanding into muslim "owner" areas - (pesky settlers- remind me of militias of american mid-west).


The answer is :

"Hobsons Choice"

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