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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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mini me + poo
Why is Iraq's programme to acquire weapons of mass destruction "illegal", but Israel's is not? (Or if it is, why does no-one care?)

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Re: Cos they are Jewish...

Heh - Well - I think the GDP spent on military hardware would put other countries to shame...
They would suffer a mutually assured distruction. Where is the fall out from a nuke gonna go? Over themselves - So I don't worry too much about nukes...

The main instigators of the "wars" going on down there just seem to be the Israeli's vs. the muslims...

Cos barring say Syria, and Iran / Iraq, just about every other country down there needs their economy and tourism.

End of the day - The fault is that of the british government for "making" israel in the first place.
(but its turning into the same fiasco as Zimbabwe) - All "good" while they were there - and all goes to hell when they leave. (Getting "rid" of them as I see it - making it someone else's problem!)

As to what should happen to Israel - Ideally??

That they all put down the guns and co-exist. Stop trying to be holier than thou to each other - the muslims and the jew - Cos dont worry - If you think I am "anti-semetic" - I can just as easily tear into the Muslim farce.
(but that kind of belief system is clueless - cos we are human- and will always find ways to divide, rather than unite ourselves!!)

So - there is no ideal solution to Israel - you can't unearth them.
You can do your best to stop them expanding into muslim "owner" areas - (pesky settlers- remind me of militias of american mid-west).


The answer is :

"Hobsons Choice"

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