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Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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Oh.. my.. ghod
mini me + poo
In case you haven't heard - John Major and Edwina Curry had an affair for four years while they were both in Thatcher's government.

Am I the only person to remember that he sued a magazine - Scallywag - out of existence when they printed a story that mentioned rumours that he'd had an affair (with someone else) but said they weren't true? Just mentioning them was enough for him to reach for his lawyers... He also sued their printers and distributors - these paid up and, per their contract, passed the costs onto the magazine. How to win a libel action without (much) risk.

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"Spitting Image" will have to re-launch now so they can do sketches about it.

Now who is it among us who's generally quite left wing but thinks Edwina Currie talks a lot of sense? I can't remember who said that but is one of that LJ lot out there I'm sure of it.

I will track you down!!

So was it YOU who told me that? Hmmm. I had an idea it was a bloke but couldn't remember which bloke.

I wonder if she found 101 uses for a John Major, like the comic book?

I don't remember - it's possible there is more than one of us!

She was a hell of a lot easier to deal with (indirectly) than some of the other health ministers. And it's bloody typical of the men in politics that she doesn't get mentioined - at all - in his memoirs.

The politician I was working with through the late 80s/most of the 90s was known by some in her party as 'Zedwina' - the same lack of bullshit.

Could have been me. I have a lot of time for politicians who don't bullshit, and she was generally one. She was also, according to many people I know, a top notch local MP, sorely missed by many generally left wing people on South Derby when she lost her seat.

I'd shag her in a heartbeat, given the chance, incidentally.

Yep. You can see that it would be fun.

Hi! I am Ellen from Bath. I was just randomly browsing around LJ and thought I would say hi :)

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