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Burr, burr...

The lovely Linette is not the only person to have been shivering outside in the cold tonight.

I'd agreed to put some curtain rails up for someone, after someone I know made a complete bodge of it. So I drive to their new (as yet unoccupied) flat, park, and get the necessary stuff out of the car. Keys in hand? Yes, lock the car.


These are the flat keys, not the car keys, aren't they? Where are the car keys? Why, still in the ignition...

So I do what I can at the flat, then have to walk to L's, without my coat (guess where that is!) or money (ditto...)

45 minutes later, I get the spare set of car keys - thanking my wisdom in getting them cut - and quickly go back to the car via bus and scooter.

The journey involves passing a 24-hour supermarket at a petrol station. Walking past the first time, I saw someone begging outside it. I don't usually give money to beggars despite (because?) I've ended up sleeping on the streets a couple of times in the distant past. But this time, I drove into the petrol station and gave them all the change I had...

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