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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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Last Wednesday
mini me + poo
Was spent at Alton Towers. It's a vastly better place when there are fewer people around - much less time queuing.

I went on Nemesis and Air more than ten times each (helped by working out how to stay on, rather than go around the 10-20 min queue again). I still think Nemesis is better than Air - especially in a hailstorm :) - but partly because I wasn't expecting much, I found Air much more enjoyable than my first go on it in the summer. It's particularly good at sunset.

In contrast, Oblivion was a disappointment. The first time is really scary, this time, my second, wasn't.

New to me were the haunted house ride (fun, and I think it's being replaced this winter), river ride (better than the one at Thorpe Park, but not as good as Parc Asterix or Eftling), motorized coaster (better than at Chessington and Thorpe) and 3D cinema showing something from the 60s (fun, but faded).

Hmm, how to arrange more out-of-school-holiday trips there?

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(Deleted comment)
It was the queue that, in part, meant I didn't rate Air before - it is not worth an hour's wait. I can only think of one ride that would be, mind.

I had a dream about it the week before and decided that what it really needs is a very big outside loop. Difficult technically (it'd need a powered ascent) and impossile with the planning restrictions though.

Oh, as you come in to detrain, you note which row(s) have three people waiting to get on, then get off slowly and pretend to get something from the luggage storage. By now, people are getting on, so you move to a row of three as if you've just stored something... and get in the empty seat.

What is the crime of riding twice in a row, compared to the crime of an empty seat? :)

Worked for at least four three goes in a row, and I only got thrown off once.

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