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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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Anyone a member of Unison?
mini me + poo
It's the union that's recognised at work, and there's part of me that's tempted to join although not for any benefits there. It's a sufficiently small organisation that we don't actually need it. But there are other benefits.

And of course, Unison has a Lesbian and Gay Campaign. But when they say 'Lesbian and Gay' they mean Lesbian and Gay.

To give you an idea of just how biphobic the L&G campaign is, when they're reporting on who attended something they break it down into age, racial identity, earnings etc and gender. That's as in "12 lesbians 10 gay men" gender.

It was women from Unison's L&G campaign who drove several other women to tears when they insisted at an ILGA (International Lesbian & Gay Association - to change the name needs a constitutional amendment which needs almost 100% support) meeting that women's caucus meant, necessarily, a lesbian-only one.

Now, I have the sense of humour that means I can laugh at this sort of crap - not least because they just hate that - but tempting as it is to join the L&G campaign and kick up a fuss... it would be good to have a Unison Bisexual Campaign.

I suspect that would need more than one person though :) (Mind you, the L&G campaign doesn't seem to have that many activists.)

Edit: gosh, how they changed over the next few years.

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I'd agitate for bisexuals to be included, but that's me, and my job's not on the line.

Rough stuff, dude.

well, I believe joining a union is a good idea in principle - you may not see any obvious benefits now, but there might come a time in the future when it'd be handy to have someone in your corner.
The Lesbian and Gay side looks like it could do with a bit of a shakeup - and it's a lot easier to effect change from the inside than from the outside.

Having met some of the women concerned, I've no doubt that doing it from inside would involve screaming matches. I can do screaming matches (and more oppressed than thou, and the rest) especially as there are few things funnier than some of their rants, but particularly at the moment I don't have the time.

And the probable end result would be them splitting off to have a nice pure "lesbian only no transsexuals no bisexuals no SM supporters" campaign. Whether or not that would be welcomed by the rest of the members, I don't know.

My sister works for Unison in Kings Cross. In legal services.

... I tried to join Unison for ages, to be the Support Staff rep of the college.
However, persitently buggering up my application form I eventually gave up.

I have persued AEEU-Amicus now (cos of the Tech links)

But they werent great in my area for checking up on their members...

but could always be good should trouble arise along things of health and safety etc etc.

since I work in a shop now, I'm considering joining USDAW (Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers). My dad was a shop steward for them when he worked at Coop Dairies, and later when he was working for the council he was a convenor for UNISON.

I'm a member of Unison and of the L&G membership. Not really found Unison that helpful- had a bad situation that needed urgent help, and I couldn't even get hold of them- constantly getting the answerphone and never getting a return phone call. Rather dis-illustioned with them, really. Sometimes think it's best to fight your own battle if you can- plan it almost like a war, which in my case it was! I would, however, definately support any bi involvement/ inclusion in Unison.....

aside from the biphobic stuff (which is why i wouldn't join them anyway), a co-worker of mine is a member of unison and she says that they're crap. just generally.

if i do join a union, i suppose i could maybe join the IUSW, since you don't have to be a sex worker to join it and my job is at least quite related. i don't know much about unions in general, though. but, you have only one that's recognised at your work?!

Well, there are only eight permanent staff... and two are Unison members. I'd only really join out of a) solidarity with the people who are striking for higher London allowances for council staff - if they win, we get more money and b) to get some of the union's money for bi stuff.

That reminds me - are you on the IUSW email list? Someone was complaining about the way an Edinburgh sauna was treating its staff recently.

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