Ian (lovingboth) wrote,

Before I commit mass murder with an axe...

... can someone check this out for me?

Take a PC that's not hugely important. I think it will uninstall cleanly - but I'm not promising. Go to http://us.portrait.com/products/DownTrial.htm?TrialType=LView and download the trial of Liquid View - a useful little utility that alters the magnification of various things on your Windows desktop on the fly.

Put it in a directory with other files that don't matter.

Run it. It's a self-extracting, self-setup running zip file.

Once LV is installed, are the other files still there?

If not, the morons have decided to create a new directory to unzip the files into, then delete the .exe ... oh and all the other files in the directory with it.

I really cannot believe that anyone would be so criminally stupid but I can't think of any other explanation as to what's happened to the files here. Everyone else only has read-only access to this directory.

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