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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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(no subject)
mini me + poo
OK, so I need to be in SE London by 5:15pm tonight. There's a train from Blackfriars, about 25 minutes away, which takes about 15 minutes. But would it be easier to go another way?

Leave Earl's Court on the tube to Gunnersbury. Wait for a Silverlink train to West Hampstead. Walk to West Hampstead Thameslink. Wait for a Thameslink train to London Blackfriars... then catch the simple train.

... so about 50 minutes too long, and 10 minutes late.

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(Deleted comment)
Starting from Earl's Court - hence the starting point :) - ending up at Lisa's. I know how to get there, I was just trying to check the train times because of having to do it earlier than usual, including if going via Victoria was an option.

I think they've stopped the website suggesting the way to get from London Bridge to Waterloo is to go on the train to Charing Cross, walk to the underground, then take the tube back down to Waterloo. The idea of getting off the first train at Waterloo East was beyond it.

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