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That's the last time I read the sodding terms and conditions...
mini me + poo
I decided this afternoon to get one of these, an extremely inexpensive digital video camera. I've seen the results, so I know the limitations, but for £80 I'm taking a 'who cares' attitude to them.

OK, so I do a price compare and discover that Amazon's the cheapest place to get them at the moment. Then I log on from another PC in the hope that Amazon will think I'm new and offer me £3 off. No :( but -- oooh! someone's selling an 'as new' one for £60!

Click, click, yes, click, do I accept the terms and conditions? Well, I'm curious as to what rights I have if it's not 'as new', so a quick read, ok, click

This item is no longer available

The used item you were interested in buying appears to have just been sold.

Arrggghhhh!!!!! I know it was bought while I was reading the T&C, because now it won't let me even get that far.

Grrr. I hope the used one gets lost in the post, grrr, cross, sour grapes, grrr.

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(Deleted comment)
I wailed and gnashed my teeth a bit, but yes.

There are lots of reviews and samples (although I think they expect you to use a PC to see them) here, but it's about £20 more from them compared to Amazon.

You need a compact flash card to get it to record for more than three minutes, but I have an insanely large one of those already.

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