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The cheap digital camera I bought from Amazon arrived today :) Not bad - ordered Friday, with the free '3-5 business days' delivery time.

First impression was that it's small and staggeringly light. When you fit the batteries - two AAs - you probably double the weight. The benefit of not having any moving parts...

I've had a very quick play. The film of me walking from the station is ok, but too jumpy to show. A cloudy late afternoon gives enough light.

Indoors doesn't really, producing a somewhat dim result. That's with a 100W-equivalent florescent and a 60W 'normal' bulb on. I'll have to try with one of the halogen lights to see if that's better.

I'll have a proper play tomorrow. In the meantime, if you'd like to see a 2:08 film of Jo Anna eating a banana, just ask :) It's about 8M bytes long.

The original is 7,829k long, and a DivX 1-pass quality based recompress only takes it down to 6,074k. In part, that's because of the noise in the image - a slight smooth and it's down to 4,558k. Hmm, how much does the audio occupy? No, it's not that - converting that to a suitable mp3 bitrate only saves about 300k.

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