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Gig meme
mini me + poo
1st gig: Rick Wakeman, Coventry, 1981. No album to promote, just three hours of his best work.
Last: Would have been Erasure, but that's been postponed. Am I allowed to include the ENO chorus's protest concert? If not, erm, Jennifer Moore at BiCon 2002, I think.
Next: Hmm, Buzzcocks next month is very tempting.
Best: Kraftwerk, early 80s, Leicester and Brixton.
Worst: A duo who the Ents people loved, but were playing to an audience of themselves. Plus me, wondering whether or not to electrocute them. I can't remember who they were, just the only good lyric, in a song about parties: "Someone's just thrown up their lunch / Who put acid in the punch?"
Memorable: All of these, plus more. Mud ('Les Gray's Mud') was my first band doing lighting at uni, and the last three years later. Both of those were memorable for different reasons.
Sadly missed: OMD and The KLF.
Always a pleasure: Gary Glitter.
Best venue: Depends - you can mess up the sound in even the best venue.
Worst venue: BiCon 1999. Acoustic disaster area.
Like to see: Faithless.

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Hmm, a cool and interesting Meme. :-)

Next: Hmm, Buzzcocks next month is very tempting.

Can you tell me when & where? If it isn't too far, I'll get tickets. :-)

April 27th, Shepherds Bush Empire, West London.

Rick Wakeman, Coventry, 1981.

My goodness. I think I was at that one.

It was in the old Coventry Theatre. I can remember him being hit in the eye with a mike stand. I've still got the programme - a tabloid spoof - somewhere.

i'm related to rick wakeman, he's a second cousin once removed or summat like that... a little claim to fame... awww..

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