Ian (lovingboth) wrote,

Grab grab grab

Before I'd heard about the library, I was wondering this morning about what would happen if someone had just invaded / 'liberated' London and people started looting...

Oh no, someone else has got to the Bank of England's gold and foreign currency reserves before you. 'All' that's left is the contents of the museums. If you don't get something, whether to keep safely or to sell (tut tut), you can be sure that it'll be gone to someone less deserving by tomorrow.

So, what do you get? You have a small handcart available for those larger items, but you can't carry the whole of the Elgin Marbles, for example.

Poll #124360 Looting London

What do you grab from the British Museum?

... from the British Library?

... from the V&A?

... from the Science Museum?

... from the Natural History Museum?

... from elsewhere?


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