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Last theatre recommendation of the year

Cinderella, by the London Bubble at the Cochrane Theatre (Southampton Row) until Jan 12th-ish. London Bubble are best known for their summer shows in London parks and woods, but their pantos show they can do it indoors too.

There are a couple of things that don't really work - two songs in the second half sung in front of the curtain while some scene changes are going on should go pronto - but what we have here is a panto that doesn't patronise or go over the heads of the kiddies while also being highly entertaining for the grown-ups. As such, it's several million miles from the 'panto-by-numbers with a few people off the telly' efforts that keep various regional theatres going.

If you do see it with children, try to be amongst the first in the ice-cream queue at the interval... and if I saw it again, I'd be highly tempted to take along a pumpkin.

Now I come to think of it, there have been some wonderful alternative versions of Cinderella in recent Christmasses, including Improbable Theatre's part improvised, part magical puppetry one (which was one of the few shows I've ever paid to see twice) and if Music Theatre London bring back their version of the opera and their original sequel, don't miss it.

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