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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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Is it just me...
mini me + poo
... using IE5 still, or has the whois disappeared from www.nic.uk ?

(And hasn't the site gotten worse recently?)

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I've no idea about the site generally, but the whois is still there on the front page for me.

Bottom of the left column? I can't even see it in the source...

Supplied with Win 2000, much better than IE4, not much worse than IE6.


Suppose if you dont have broadband then its an arse to download...

But wow... Heh - I found IE gave me bugs all over the place with that and OE.

OE doesn't even get installed here, and if I find it on a system I have any say on, it has a life expectancy of about five seconds.


Fair enough.


Arent you gonna go for that Firebird / Mozilla latest release?

If anti OE - Do I presume anti MS - and hence anti IE?

Did you hear the joke at the time of Foot & Mouth? MS apologises, as there is finally a virus that OE doesn't pass on?

OE? Pile of crap, target of most virus writers, lots of vastly better alternatives. Bit like my attitude to Word, really. If you want to do text, there are vastly better editors (all my books were done on a DOS emacs port). If you want to DTP, there are... etc etc.

IE? Unfortunately, it's a standard. I will give Opera another look and there are browsers that use the Mozilla code without the Netscape bloat...

We have an in-house row raging on this. (Basically me vs the rest of the organisation.) I will fill everyone in this afternoon, using a protected entry in my LJ...

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