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The other film meme

First Movie you ever saw in the theatre:

The two I can particularly remember are Jungle Book and Wizard of Oz. For the latter, mum asked if we wanted to see movie A or one with a scary witch...

Fav movie as a kid:

Define kid! I saw Jungle Book at least ten times at the cinema - I predate home videos remember - in the 60s. I was also very impressed with 2001 A Space Odyssey, and couldn't see what the problem was with understanding the ending.

Movie you have seen the most times:

Cinema+video+TV = Escape From New York.

Biggest Movie Star crush as a kid:

As a teen, Nastassja Kinski.

Fav 80's teen Movie:

Hmm. Does National Lampoon's Animal House count?

Fav song from a movie:

Money Money Money, from Cabaret (shockingly missing from that 100 meme!)

Fav Love/Romance Movie:

Erm, can I count His Girl Friday, because they Love Each Other Really?

Fav Horror Movie:

Oh lots! Reanimator, The Thing, Halloween, The Wicker Man, Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, those 50s paranoia movies like Invasion of the Body Snatchers etc etc

Fav Drama:

Godfather I and II.

Fav Sci Fi movie:

Lots again - Dark Star of those not already mentioned.

Fav Fantasy move:

Hmm, LotR probably.

Fav Musical Movie:

Cabaret, Phantom of the Paradise, Rocky Horror Picture Show...

Fav Comedy Movie:

Hmm, of those not already mentioned: President's Analyst, the early and mid Laurel & Hardy, The Princess Bride...

Fav Action/Adventure Movie:

Of those etc: Assault on Precinct 13, Terminator 1 & 2...

Fav Children's Movie:

Batman (the 1960s version).

Movie that Scared You as a Child:

I don't remember any.

Movie that makes you cry everytime you see it:

Apocalypse Now.

Worst movie you ever saw:


Movie you walked out on in the theatre cause it was so bad:

I don't remember ever having done so. The worst on TV include Killing of a Chinese Bookie (rolling on the floor, biting the carpet bad!)

Most sexually arousing movie you ever saw (non porn):

The 1980s Cat People remake. Nastassja Kinski being fucked while tied to a bed *and* Malcolm McDowell!

Most disturbing movie you ever saw:

A documentary on the after effects of Chernobyl. The long take of a kid having yet more injections going "niet niet niet niet niet..."

Movie that supposedly sucks but you love it:

Escape From New York.

Favourite actors:

Kevin Spacey, Malcolm McDowell, Sean Connery.

Fav Actresses:

Nastassja Kinski, Louise Brooks.

Fav Porn Star:

Anna for her couple of shorts, otherwise Chloe.

Favourite sex scene from a movie (non porn):

Cat People (see above)

Movie you wanted to see the most as a child but were not allowed to:

Diamonds Are Forever.

Sexiest movie star of all time (male):

Malcolm McDowell.

Sexiest movie star of all time (female):

Who do you think? :)

Movie that could/might as well been written about your life:


Favourite villain in a movie:

Charles Gray in Diamonds Are Forever.

Last movie you saw on TV/rented:

The Matrix / The Wicker Man.

Last movie you saw in theatre:

X-Men 2.

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