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Hello friendly lawyers... Not for the first time, the behaviour of Manchester United has made me wonder. David Beckham has a contract with them for two or three years, yet they've anounced that they want to sell him to Barcelona... without apparently asking him first.

Presumably he can say 'get lost, we have a contract, pay my wages for the next two or three years'?

Could he successfully claim constructive dismissal? If he were out of contract, he'd be able to make more money and they'd be left with no transfer fee.

One of the reasons for ManU picking Barcelona is that they are not a club they are likely to face in the European Cup, unlike eg Real Madrid. Presumably if they tried to include a clause in the sale that said 'you can't sell him onto Real Madrid', it'd be declared an unlawful restraint of trade?

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Boxers seem to sign longer contracts than footballers, career long ones, and with TV companies in addition to managers. Hence the difficulties in getting boxers with contracts with different TV stations to fight.

If Beckham is left on the bench while he is in contract he may not like it, he may put in a request for a transfer, but he would still be paid his tens of thousands of quid a week. A tough life, but one most of us would jump at.

On the other hand, if they want to sell him, he has to agree... doesn't he? His contract is with Man U, not [pick Spanish/Italian club].

Since Bosnan (sp?) once he's out of contract, he's free to go as you say. In the past, clubs would hang onto the registration with the FA necessary to play with someone else.

Hmm, so under the compromise, if during the period of his contract Beckham says 'no', ManU are unable to get a transfer fee.

But presumably even if they were willing to do that, they couldn't get rid of him without being liable for breaking the contract of employment?

And the full rules at

say if Beckham says 'no', then the English FA should refuse to issue the necessary transfer documentation = he wouldn't be able to play for a club in another country.

I wonder if Barcelona, at least, are guilty of inducing a breach of contract (penalty: no inward transfers for roughly a year!)

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