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Can someone explain to me why Excel XP decides to throw away the contents of the clipboard when you insert a new column into your spreadsheet.

So instead of going 'select, copy, insert column, paste (and possibly insert column, paste)' you have to 'insert column, move back, select, copy, move back, paste (and then repeat if you're inserting more columns...)'.

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Because MS are shit, and god is punishing you for not using Open Office:

Dont you have the clip board content menu on the right hand side of your screen that shows you the last x number of things copied??

Not usually, no - it takes up too much screen space. I rarely want to copy multiple items and then paste them.

a) the clipboard in everything else is not a stack - you can paste the same thing multiple times.

b) the contents should survive something like inserting a new column!

Forgive the interruption, but I stumbled upon this entry and thought I'd share the answer.

Copy the column you're using.
Highlight the column which will be to the right of where you'd like the new one.
Choose "Insert Copied Cells"

Yes, MS is a tool of Satan. I wish Windows apps could behave better, but at least there's a workaround.

Ah ha. Thank you.

What made it particularly irritating was coming across this 'issue' after spending rather a long time reading - he's written extensively on the importance of not breaking how the user expects software to behave... and he used to be part of the Excel team.

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