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Looking for the rules of one of the numerous games Sid Sackson designed - having bought it without any rules for 20p at a summer fair yesterday - I was shocked to discover he died in November last year.

Neither The Guardian nor The Independent did an obitury.

He also had the biggest collection of games in the world. That's been broken up.

Have a browse of to see who I'm talking about if you don't already know.

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I'd say "you're kidding" but that would be a really stupid thing to say...

He was incredibly prominent in my youth, the books I read, the games I played.

I am really sorry to hear that...



I'm really bummed out at that.

Gosh, that's terribly sad. In a sense, though, it demonstrates the extent to which board games have lost ground - or perhaps never had it; how many people would know the name David Watts, or even Railway Rivals?

With David, how many ever did? In the UK, at least, he never was a household name. Games Workshop, who were the only company to do a 'professional' edition of RR here, were always more interested in their own fantasy stuff. (And it took two attempts before Dampfross, the German edition of RR, was a hit.)

He retired from games production a year or so ago. It means people are now safe to go past stalls at a games con without hearing "Four people wanted for a game... [grab] Three people..." :)

The last time I looked, I was the only person on LJ to have RR as an interest.

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